Friday, January 25, 2013

You are such a small boy, in such a big world
It hurts to no end to think I may fail you
I try so hard to do what I think is best
I pray for guidance to know what to do, 
I fight for you
I teach you
I love you
At the end of the day 
after you have gone to bed
I wonder-
Did I do right?
Will it be enough?
I hope and pray you will know how important you are
Please don't listen to ANYONE who will tell you you are less than
You are a miracle, you are amazing.
I love you. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today we had a little time to spend together just us :)
you wanted to rake a big pile of leaves so we could jump in them -so we did!
the jump
 the landing
 the gathering
 the "celebration"
 then starting all over again...and again......and again :)
 It started to snow so we came in
 we decided to make cookies you wanted oatmeal cookies
I asked what you wanted to add 
and you chose pecans and butterscotch chips...
 they were DELICIOUS! -You have an advanced palate ;)
I love you so much and am grateful for these times 
-it reminds me of when it was just you and I all the time!
You used to be totally content to have me be your world....
But now I think you'd just die without your brother and sister! hahaha!
You are wonderful!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Law I'm so Grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to teach me.
You are wise beyond your years my little man!
I'm so grateful that you are kind, and obedient.
You recognize those that are sad or hurt and do your best to lift them.
You've been in Kindergarten for almost 2 months now and have done this several times!
Helping kids who are nervous, crying, hurt, or that want to go home
You are a SUPER great helper!
Your teachers and tests say you are "gifted" I knew that since you were born :)
You are such a quick, observant learner which is a WONDERFUL thing 
But what I think is even BETTER is that you have a thirst for knowledge!
You want to learn about everything around you and everything you see 
-which is A LOT because like I said you are so observant!
You are also very sensitive to the Spirit. 
I hope you realize that as a gift and strive to stay close to it.
I love you SO very much big boy!